Sentry safes are designed to keep our valuables safe and secure. But sometimes, we may forget the combination or lose the key. In such cases, a locksmith can help us open the safe using special tools, like a magnet. Let’s learn how a locksmith opens a Sentry safe with a magnet.


First, the locksmith in Myrtle Beach examines the safe to understand its type and model. They check if it’s a mechanical or an electronic safe. This helps the locksmith decide the best approach to open it.

Using a Strong Magnet

For certain Sentry safes, a strong magnet can be used to open them. The locksmith takes a powerful rare-earth magnet and moves it around the safe’s keyhole area. The magnet works by manipulating the safe’s internal mechanism, allowing it to open without the original key or combination.

Trial and Error

Opening a safe with a magnet may take some time and patience. The locksmith carefully experiments with the magnet’s positioning and movements to find the right technique that will unlock the safe.

Non-Destructive Entry

Locksmiths aim to open the safe without causing any damage. The magnet technique is considered a non-destructive way to gain access to the safe’s contents. This is essential to ensure that the valuables inside remain intact.

Call a Professional

It’s crucial to remember that only a professional locksmith should attempt to open a safe. Trying to open it without the right knowledge and tools can lead to irreversible damage and make it even harder for a professional to help.

Locksmiths possess the expertise and specialized tools needed to open safes, including Sentry safes. Using a powerful magnet is one technique they may use for non-destructive entry. However, it’s essential to leave this task to the professionals to ensure the safety of your valuables and the integrity of the safe. Always rely on the expertise of a locksmith when facing such situations.